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May 7, 2018 @ 2:37 PM by:

Is just that little extra!


At noon today, we took a call from a client from Brampton looking for a new 2nd mortgage to replace the private mortgage she already had.   After she talked about her situation and what led her to this point, my first question was why didn't she just refinance the 1st mortgage.   The answer was that lender____ would not renegotiate mid-term and that she would never be able to break the mortgage.   


Although I do deal with the lender in question and know that the mortgage was supposed to be closed for the term, there are ways around this if you talk to the right people and know what to say.    I tried my best to coach her through it, and wished her well in her quest.


Not even an hour later I received a call back from the client, who was almost in tears.   'You changed my life' was the first words out of her mouth.    After following my advice, she managed to have an exception approved and was approved to consolidate her private 2nd into a new first, which will save her thousands in payment and interest each year.


Even in situations where we didn't arrange the original mortgage, or there is no reasonable expectation where we can arrange a new mortgage, we're here to help.   Good advice, a positive outlook and building a framework to help clients succeed is something we do with pride every single day.