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There is much more to a mortgage than just rate. What are your prepayment options? What are the penalties if I need to refinance or sell my home before my term is up? Is the mortgage portable or assumable? With literally thousands of options available between the different banks, trust companies and mortgage firms within Canada, I can help find you the best combination of rates and terms for your own unique set of circumstances.


Current Quinte West Ontario Mortgage Rates - Last updated My 15, 2021


Over the last few weeks, interest rates have been extremely volitile due to the liquidity issues being experienced by the marketplace.  Thankfully our lenders offer an interest rate guranatee!   If rates drop at all between the date you sign your mortgage approval and the closing date, your Rate will automatically be reset to the lowest rate that is offered during that period.  


With true 100% financing coming to an end, you do still have alternatives to owning a home even if you don't have a downpayment. Let me help explain your options. We offer 120 day rate guarantees and can give you professional, unbiased advice on the proper term strategy. Given the uncertainty in the marketplace, it pays to talk to a professional now more than ever! Compare our rates to what the banks are offering. Verico Simpligo Mortgages will make sure you are getting the lowest available mortgage rates in Trenton, Belleville, Quinte West, or anywhere else in Ontario. Make sure you are getting the most mortgage for the money. Call today!

Bank of Canada Qualifying Rate for high ratio mortgages: 4.79% or 2% over the rate of the contract (whichever is greater)


Due to fluctuating financial markets (and recent changes in government regulations), mortgage rates change often! Contact us today to receive current rates and a complimentary in-depth quote and overview of current market conditions affecting the mortgage market.

Bank Rates



3.19 % 3 year fixed (insured) 1.64 %
4.99 % 5 year fixed (insured) 1.99 %
2.45 % 5 year variable (insured) 1.40 %

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* Insured mortgage rates, subject to change. Conventional and refinance rates may be higher. OAC. E&EO