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We're here to help over the long term!
October 3, 2019 @ 8:19 AM by:

This is a message from an actual client:

Hi Craig

I’m so happy to find you.
I was your client many years ago when you were with _________
I need help and would love to meet with you at your convenience.
Hope that works for you.


Truth be told I had to look up the details of the client online to try and figure out exactly who they were, because I had helped them over 16 years earlier!   We have since re-engaged and are in the process of putting together a new mortgage solution to help with a challenge she is facing right now.


Great advice can stand the test of time.  If you aren't getting memorable advice or service from your current bank or broker, why not give me a call at (613)394-5810 or send a message.    I'd be honored to have the opportunity to earn your business.