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Relocation directive - APS 2011/2012 Effective Sep 1, 2012 - Big Change#1
February 5, 2013 @ 3:10 PM by:

There are a few key changes that were implimented last fall that many military members and realtors might not be fully up to speed on.   I will start posting them over the next few days.   

Section 8.2.06 - Mortgage Early Repayment Penalties - Mortgage early repayment penalties and mortgage breakage penalties are not reimbursable (this is effective as of September 1, 2012).     Make absolutely sure whatever mortgage contract you are signing gives you the right to port the mortgage anywhere in Canada (including Quebec).    Certain 'low rate' offers that major banks often push do not give you the right to port the mortgage to another property.   Brookfield has been pushing people to port whenever possible for years, as it is currently estimated that it costs nearly $40,000 every time the military moves someone from point A to point B.    As such, any place there are savings to be realized they are trying their best to exploit.  

Porting generally is a much better option anyway.    You have the ability to save thousands in CMHC fees, and are more likely not to reset your amortization back to 25 years, as having a house free and clear by your final posting is a key financial goal of many military members.