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We do self build construction mortgages
December 31, 2021 @ 2:59 PM by:

Given the insane bidding wars in the local real estate market over the last 2 years, building a home can be the smart way to get solid value.   You've made an incredibly savvy decision if this is the route you are taking.   But what about the financing?   Years back, there was significant expertise at your local bank branch, where locals not only had the knowledge but also approval authority to help you finance you dreams. 


Sadly, with centralization, this expertise has long since disappeared from the branch banking world.   Thankfully we're available to help pick up the slack!   With over 25 years experience, we have successfully helped lots of families (just like yours!) nagivate the ins and outs of the construction process to build a home (we actually have 6 projects we are helping with currently).   The process really isn't as complicated or complex as you might think!   


If building a home is in your plans for 2022, let's have a chat so we can help you make the impossible possible.   Call (613)394-5810 or send us a message today!