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February 25, 2014 @ 2:13 PM by:

Don't know where to start?  I do!

Many bankers and brokers simply avoid mobile home lending as either their institution doesn't offer the product or they don't understand the process.   If you are looking to purchase, I have lenders that are willing to accomodate 25 year amortizations and loans with as little as 5% down.   Most times the property will have to be appraised, but from application to approval it should take no longer than 48 hours to put you in the position to waive your financing clause.  

To put this in perspective, a purchase of $85,000 with 5% down can be financed for as little as $490/mo.   Even after adding fees for lot rental, taxes, etc, you carefree living could be yours for $800/mo +/-.    So if you are looking to downsize or if you are a snowbird looking to finance a home you will only use for 6 months a year, I just might be able to help you put a deal in place when others can't.



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