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Size matters!
January 9, 2015 @ 9:15 AM by:

Yes, despite what you may have been told over the years, size does matter!

Did you know that many of the broker centric lenders have minimum volume requirements to be able to submit business in the first place, and that often times better rates are available to brokers once they hit certain volume tiers?

By dealing with a financial planner who does mortgages on the side, or with a less experienced broker, you may not only be receiving inferior financial advice but you could end up paying more than you should!

Having arranged over $250M in mortgages for my clients, there are few situations I haven't encountered or obstacles I haven't been able to overcome.   Even if I can't help you out right away, I would be happy to help you build a plan to make certain you will be successful down the road. 

So go big, and call Craig for your next mortgage!

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